Yoga (Classes Available) & Meditation

Our Yoga Shala is for the exclusive use of our guests and their friends. At over 10M x 10M it is large enough for a class of 25, but mostly it is your private space, just right for you and your group. We have instructors available and flexible to meet your schedule, or follow along with a virtual instructor from one of our video programs…and do it on your schedule.. The Shala is an open structure to let the natural energy flow through, but feels intimate with the landscaping around the perimeter. Looking forward you see nothing but forest, ravine, and of course the Pacific Ocean! It’s an incredible venue to help you breathe in and relax as you unwind and leave the stree of life behind.

When you really want to go deep into relaxation, stroll along our lighted paths throughout the property. From the butterflies and hummingbirds to the iguanas and monkeys, to the rarely seen sloth, the animals on our property are there for your observation. But, you often must be still and quiet to really see nature at work. There are several benches and tables set away from the activity areas where you can read, or just sit and observe, or just sit and be. Make the time to do nothing, and yet make that time count.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) & Surfing

Seems like the entire world wants to learn how to surf, if they don’t already know how. The nearby beach of Playa Hermosa offers one of the very best locations to learn how to surf in all of the Central America Pacific Ocean Coastline. At over 1 kilometer wide, the beach is completely sand, no bothersome rocks to be concerned about as you learn. The inside break is perfect for learning the basics, while the outside break offers a real challenge for all but the best surfers.

We have boards to rent here, and a certified teacher to get you you from beginner to novice to pro if you have the time. Playa Hermosa is a 10 minute drive from our property. You can load up and spend part of your day ( or the entire day) at this amazing beach, or we can drive you down and come pick you back up at a preset time…whatever works for you. The beach is also perfect for the entire family, with plenty of shade trees, spots to stretch your hammock out, sand ready to be made into castles, and gentle waves to bodysurf or swim in.

Let. Us help you get your surf on.

Fishing, Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Well know as a “fisherman’s paradise” the Southern Nicoya Peninsula offers everything from hand line fishing, to surf casting, to charter fishing trips for Bill Fish. World class schools of Sail Fish, and some record Blue Marlin are less than an hour away by boat. Charters run every day and we put you with English speaking guides that make for a memorable experience. Pull in to the Marina, have your catch cleaned and grill it yourself the same day…or take it to a local restaurant and have them prepare it.

Several Rivers run into the Ocean and offer some amazing surf fishing spots. Fresh water snook in the inland rivers is another adventure and is literally minutes away. There are miles of tide pools that offer fantastic snorkeling. Feeling adventurous? Snorkel out and catch a few lobster for dinner.

Scuba diving in available locally. Large pods of sea turtles roam the waters year round as well as all types of tropical schooling fish, squid, shrimp, and crustaceans. Bring your valid PADI card or equivalent, and dive in.

ATV Tours

The area is a maze of farm trails, coastal roads, and slightly explored paths. Rent a four wheeler, put on a helmet and prepare for a day of amazing sights, sounds, vistas, animal sightings, laughter and pure fun.Get a group together and make a day of it, stopping at small Soda’s for a snack, or for your favorite beverage.

You’ll cross rivers and streams you didn’t think were passable, see pastures of cattle, horses, goats, maybe even an oxen team pulling a loaded wagon. Along the coast you’ll find howler and white face monkeys, flights of parrots, pelicans and other birds fishing for their lunch. You might spot an aardvark, or quatte, a raccoon and many other unique wildlife. Certainly you will spot huge smiles on the faces of your friends as you ride along for hours exploring a world where Mother Nature is certainly still in charge.

We will arrange everything you need to have an incredible memory.

Hiking, Cycling & Swimming

We have over a mile of trails on our property with several spots to stop, sit quietly and enjoy the natural beauty. It’s is a quick 5 minute walk to the beach where you will find miles of coastline with perfect walking conditions. Scour the beach for shells, or sit quietly under the many Almondo trees that line the high tide line. Take a quick swim, or body surf in the Ocean, and often you will be the only one on the beach.

The beach road to Playa Hermosa is a beautiful 45 minute walk along a old coastal road rarely used these days. There are tide pools, waterfalls, white face monkeys, iguanas  and birds of all kinds. Walk along the beach and soak up the rays, or walk the road in the shade to cool off and breath in the freshness of being surrounded by so many plants and trees.

About a 45 minute drive is the entrance to Cabo Blanco Reserve, a federal park with several hiking trails. It offers amazing interaction with the wildlife of the Nicoya Penninsula as well as a wide variety of plants, trees, and flowers to see photograph. The park has marked trails of various length from simple 15 minute routes to an arduous 1:30 minute “full circle” route when you just want to see it all.

Horseback Riding

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is home to many ranchers, cattlemen and farmers. It’s not uncommon to see cattle moved down the road in front of our property to their grazing lands. Even very young boys ( 7 years old) are skilled riders and masters of herding the cattle. It’s no surprise then that there are plenty of horses for hire, and friendly, congenial guides to move you up and down the beach, into the surf, along trails, and even into the hills surrounding our property. The guide brings the horses to our front gate and from there the adventure begins. Safety is the top priority, and everyone is matched to a horse that “fits” them both in size and personality.

The ride can be as adventurous as the group desires. Galloping along the beach happens, as does quiet walking through dense forest on foot worn paths connecting pueblos. Along the way you will be treated to a different perspective on animal and plant life from your perch. Sunset is a particularly beautiful time to finish the ride back at our main gate.

Pool Bar & On-site Massage

What tropical vacation would be complete without some time spent at a swim up pool bar? Our facility has seating for 3 inside the pool and up to 12 outside the pool, but still under cover. Ceiling fans stir the air, blenders crack the silence, and good times are inevitable. Sit and watch the sunset into the Ocean right in front of you as you sip your favorite drink. Best of all this experience is yours alone as the pool and bar are for the exclusive use of our guests.

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